Residency Rumble - Academic Contest

About the Rumble

Saturday, September 26, 2020

There are more than 223 Podiatric Residency Programs in the country. Which one is the best?

PRESENT Podiatry boldly seeks to answer this question by challenging Residents to an academic competition that will knock them right out of their shoe covers. The ultimate winner gets the bragging rights to say they are PRESENT Podiatry’s “Best Program in the Country”.

The first edition of the Rumble was held online in 2004 and engaged a total of 76 programs in a healthy competition and an atmosphere of camaraderie. The Rumble ran LIVE for the first time at the first PRESENT Residency Education Summit in April 2011. It was a fun and stimulating event, and really showed who knew their stuff. In 2013, the Residency Rumble ran at both events (East and MidWest) and we haven't looked back.

Are You Ready to Rumble?

You've seen our announcements about the Rumble. Now it's time to let you in on exactly what it is and how it will work.

The Residency Rumble is an academic contest that we run like a game show. It will be educational, but also a lot of fun. You compete in teams and the winners receive some spectacular the bragging rights to the title until next year's Rumble.

All Residents attending the conference may participate. Programs with 4 or more Residents attending compete with their fellow Residents as a team. Programs with 1, 2 or 3 Residents attending will be paired up into teams of 4. And, for the first time, Residency Directors can participate with their residents.

There will be 2 rounds. First we start with a Qualifying Round in which all Teams compete together. They will be asked 60 questions in a one hour period. Each Team will receive a keypad and get 20-30 seconds to answer each question (depending on the question) displayed on the screen. Responses will be graded both on getting the correct answer and on the speed of response. Faster responses will be rewarded higher point. Teams with the top 5 scores at the end of the Qualifying Round will advance to the Final Round. The top 5 winners will receive prizes as listed below.

Each of the 5 Teams advancing to the Finals Round will choose 2 champions to step up to the stage and face 10 Final Questions. These 10 Questions, among the most challenging of the Rumble, will determine the winners. In addition to bragging rights, all of the 5 final Teams will be awarded prizes.

To qualify to participate in the Rumble, you must participate in one full day of workshops on either Friday or Saturday.

The Prizes

$2,000 Total in Prize Money will be Awarded

  •  1st Prize $1,000 for the Team
  • 2nd Prize  $500 for the Team
  •  3rd Prize $250 for the Team
  •  4th Prize $150 for the Team
  •  5th Prize $100 for the Team